Cranial-Sacral Method


The cranial-sacral method is a gentle manual holistic body treatment. The skull (or cranium), spine and sacrum together with the nerval system are considered to be the cranial-sacral system and are the centre point of this method. This gentle system is particularly indicated by headaches, neck and back pain and stress. The treatment is carried out on fully clothed subjects.


Sound Massage

  During a sound massage a number of harmonic or singing bowls are placed on the clothed body of the subject and struck. The vibrations and tones which are produced flow through the body reaching every cell and touch body, mind and soul. These pleasant vibrations from the bowls are transferred to the body and spread out in concentric circles like a pebble in a lake. As we consist mainly of water, the fluid in our bodies is set in motion by the vibrations and transported throughout our cells. Creating a "massage" of the cells.




Shiatsu is a Japanese treatment which has it's roots in Chinese medicine. In accordance with the philosophy and guidelines of this method a person and their health are defined by the energy that flows through their body along meridians. If the energy is balanced then the person is healthy. Using the methods in Shiatsu the therapist reacts to the flow of the energy and using gentle pressure of fingers, hands, elbows and knees helps harmonise the energy. Shiatsu is carried out on a soft mat on the ground on clothed subjects.