With the opening of the Agriturismo Galealpe we, that is to say Dorothy from Munich and Martin from Edinburgh and our young Bernese mountain dog Gioia,have fulfilled a long awaited dream.


After a making a great deal of stops at different stations in our lives, such as Civil Engineer, Soprano and Alternative medicine we have now arrived at our destination. We would now like to offer our guests an unforgettable Holiday experience on our beautiful estate in Tuscany surrounded by Olive Groves.


We want to employ as much of our the experience from our previous vocations as possible. Be it communal Qi Gung or Tai chi in the Olive Groves or the wellness therapies such as Shiatsu, harmonic massage or Cranio Sacral that we offer, or indeed if the opportunity arises by making music together.


As one of our major passions has always been food and drink, we are also delighted to offer sometimes a communal evening meal with all our guests around one large table.